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eps e-payment standard

The eps e-payment standard is the interface into online payment systems (online-banking) of Austrian Banks for irrevocable payments, adopted by Internet-Shops as well as public authorities like E-Government.

The eps e-payment standard is the basis for the online payment product eps Online-Überweisung for secure Internet payments.

“eps e-payment standard” and “eps Online-Überweisung” are registered trademarks.

More than 3 Mio. bank customers can use the eps Online-Überweisung immediatelly with their online-banking, without any extra registration.
It allows secure and comfortable online payments both for the merchant and the ordering customer.

The eps e payment standard has been developed by STUZZA together with Austrian bank's, the Ministry of Finance (BMF) and the CIO (Chief Information Office, of the Austrian Government.

The eps standards is specified as W3C XML Schema and integrates the ECBS/EPC ePI Standard in eps XML schema, e.g. 
+ mandatory IBAN and BIC
+ fully compatible to SEPA Credit Transfer
+ facilitates domestic and cross-border payments
+ integration of existing security solutions

Advantages for the customer/buyer

+ usability of online-banking
+ no additional registration or codes needed
+ easy to use, comfortable and familiar
+ no additional costs
+ highest security level
+ protection of sensitive data - with eps no sensitive customer data is forwarded in any eps XML message!
+ customer authentication only at the online-banking of the customer bank!
= the smart internet/online payment method

Advantages for the merchant

You can reduce your transaction costs and at the same time your receipt of a requested payment will accelerate; besides the implementation investment is minimal. 

+ high customer potential, many buyers
+ high availability (24*7*365)
+ end-to-end straight through processing, real time information and routing
+ secure payments - technical security to prevent fraud (e.g. W3C XMLDsig/digital signature)
+ easy to implement
+ no payment rejections - final and irrevocabel payments
+ cash convenience - payment confirmation & prompt SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT)
+ no addtional hard - or software requested

eps e-payment standard is available as XML standard (interface).

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